It takes Jesus Christ to save.

Saving Grace

This  page is reserved for anyone that chooses to proclaim publicly how they came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.Anything else will be deleted from this page.

Please do not  respond to other people’s personal testimonies here. When you testify you are NOT suppose to be looking or needing any ones approval or approval’s, nor do you need to have a pat from anyone  on your back. It should be personal, very personal to you. Yes, you should be proud, very proud, because YOU have that right.  Because, Jesus Christ (God’s only son) did die to save you from Hells fire and by accepting Him, and what He did for you, He then in turn blessed you, and accepted you, and called you brother/sister.  You are special because your Father is a God, and there is and never will be anything or anyone greater than Him. So brag and proclaim so others may see you, my brother or my sister, and be proud for he gave you that right, but don’t look for recognition for that’s what people of this earth do.

God bless!


I wanted to make a note on this as a subject to all.

Note is as follows;

Just because I or other people have had tear jerking or major call in the which Christ Jesus has made himself known. This I do not view  as requirement to being saved. I know many a brother/sister who have loved the Lord and are saved just because they accepted him the way we all should without eye candy or a serious slap  in the face. Those  who knew Christ without all that extra to me seem more blessed. Didn’t those brood of vipers(Pharisees and Sadducees) ask to see a miracle from Jesus?

I rest my case.


3 responses

  1. nailed2thecross

    I know most of you out there may chuckle at this a bit, but hey we all have our personal testimonials to tell on how we came to know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. With me, God had made sure that he had my undivided attention. Now I’m not stupid, it’s just that most of the time the obvious to most, more than likely is not obvious to me. Kinda like, for some stupid reason I prefer that I get hit with a baseball bat, than having that same someone blow me a kiss at me. So, God broke my big right toe.

    I know what your probably thinking. How does a broken toe get a dunce human beings attention? Well trust me when it was broken I thought the same thing, no problem. Wrong! You ain’t going no where Pilgrim. Anyone who has done this before knows all to well you gotta have crutches. Forget even the idea putting weight(pressure) on that foot of yours cause its pain. Also if you do put pressure on it just screws up the toe from really healing right longer. Small bones take forever to heal and hardly ever heal right. Oh, did I forget to mention one thing? My RIGHT big toe was broken. That means no driving for you Pilgrim PERIOD.

    Ok , now that you understand how God basically had my undivided attention. I can seriously tell you He loves me.

    I sat at home for a month just watching cable T.V.. For some reason(God I am sure did this) there seemed to be nothing interesting worth watching during this time. The only programs that got my attention remotely during those long hours of day till the evening shows came on was evangelist shows. I didn’t wanna watch soap operas. So, that’s all I had.

    It’s a hard thing to know that God loved me so much, to take time out for a sinner that is like me, but he did. I do not like knowing that many people had to die that day I was saved . I know I’m not alone on that day to be saved , because I have a brother at church who was saved also then. Its hard so very hard to accept that God made sure I was home on 09/11/01 . It took that to finally wake me up and into reality. It took so many, to make this once evil man accept and turn to Christ and understand what he died for. I finally understood what those evangelical shows kept trying to say to the world and to me. I finally new that God had called me, was yelling at me. Kent I love you accept me , accept my son! For life is truly precious. He only gives us one shot at it. He wasn’t begging for his life, but mine. It’s not much he really is asking for. He just wanted you to understand, me to understand, that His son did die for us by taking to the cross, those who accept Him their sins, so that we could and would live. Understanding, this I finally in tears got down the very best I could and prayed, accepting Jesus Christ to be my Lord, asked him to forgive me of all my sins that day and arose from prayer knowing most certainly well that I was saved.

    God bless.

    March 2, 2009 at 10:10 pm

  2. Mine was simple: As I sat in my room in 1980 in a seriously chemically altered state, I pondered the Bible on my table. My friends and I had, earlier in the day, been joking about some of the book of Revelation. That night I beleive God spoke to me and challenged me to actually READ the book of Revelation, I did. I was petrified to find out where I stood in the grand scheme of things. I then began my quest to return to God. 2 years later I finally came to that place of brokeness and surrendered my heart to Jesus. Since 1982 I have never lost my way, though I have slipped on a few banana peels.
    I always give glory to God for my life and will never look back.
    God Bless all who find thier hope in Christ, Glenn Smith Jr

    March 16, 2009 at 1:19 am

  3. I had attempted suicide twice and eagerly followed my husband’s lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. I was a mess. I began going to an aerobics exercise place and the lady running it was a believer. Many of her clients were as well. At first I felt out of place, but not because they weren’t friendly. I kept going and was drawn by their cheerful nature! I never knew Christians could have fun and crack up like these ladies did! ha! One night as He would have it, just myself and the owner remained for the aerobics part of class. I was pregnant at the time, and so drug and alcohol free . . .more reachable. We talked and she shared. I told her that I didn’t feel good enough to go to church. I will always remember her answer . . .”You don’t take a bath before you take a bath!” ha! So a bought a couple of maternity dresses to wear and showed up at her church. At the first available altar call, I went forward and accepted Jesus publicly. He is worthy of all our love! I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without Him . . .couldn’t survive a minute on my own. Wouldn’t want to. 🙂 God bless!

    April 5, 2010 at 10:28 am

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