It takes Jesus Christ to save.


Goal of  this blog is intended to spiritually lead some, witness to others, help improve a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and savior, and to add in communication between brothers or sisters around the world.

Nailed2thecross: The name nailed2thecross was thought up by me(Kent Kruelski) to signify how Jesus Christ had taken my sins from me and put them on himself  was nailed to the cross  suffering, then died for me so I can live eternally with him(God(Father, Son(Lord Jesus Christ), HolyGhost)).Anyone or any company,  that has a same or similar name, should understand that it was not this individuals intent to plagiarize name rights, but was thought up and then applied. This forum(blog) was also intended one day(which is currently now) in the hopes and dreams, that I could truely serve God justfully and truthfully in witnessing to others by other means than I currently am involved with or have done.

Nailed2thecross's blog writer Kent Kruelski