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New Year? To dooooss.

A new year is at hand and where I live everywhere I go you hear from people saying, HAPPY NEW YEAR!I would enquirer of them why? But,I choose to keep the peace and say nothing.

To me this is the next day in life, to them its a cause to celebrate get drunk and reminisce on the past year about achievements or disappointments.From the United States they also set goals to supposedly set to obtain as a means of a future accomplishment to be better for oneself or others. I see no point in any of this.

Daily I try to better myself. I work on making myself easier to get along with others. Trying to please those who may dislike me or even stepping out to help all that come my way. I think these are good goals to work at and should be set ever day. Not selected on a period of time and make a event out of it.

People of this world seriously have need to get their head examined. In the United States the country where I dwell, people seem to only celebrate themselves so the goals set are generally about bettering themselves for self nothing more. Granted I am sure there are a few that hold values higher for others or have a goal that in turn helps influence measures to insure a course to better peoples lives. This country was founded regardless on what most would say(Like I said, those that have goals set for themselves for the most part.), with Christianity. All the principal laws and human rights were based on what God saw as a right for mankind. Nothing more. What happened? I will tell you. We took God out of the picture. We make God what we think he would be. We put ourselves first. We become our own God. Even those that attend a church regular don’t do. Its fine behind close doors people, its easy to hide, its easy to say, but no one DOES anything. Sometimes I have my moments where I don’t push myself enough and do for others. But for the most part, I do and I know a few that do as-well. The problem is so many people could care less, truthfully speaking. It’s what God says is right, so I obey. I truly hate typing blogs and such, but I am commanded to spread the good news so I DO. I understand that Hell is eternal and I don’t want no one to go there. So I DO.

This night and beginning of a new year don’t celebrate it with drinking, whoring, and acting like a fool. Be positive, and make a real difference set goals that are of value and of God’s worth. If your going to do something for yourself then look to find Christ.

God bless you and your family.

Kent Kruelski